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What is expat marketing?

The Netherlands is the most densely populated country in Europe. Expats and immigrants represent more than 10% of the population. And that percentage grows larger every year. Which means every year there is an increase of potential customers looking for products, services, answers online. And, therefore, a huge gap in the market for businesses that cater services for this exact, rising audience.

Danatica is the only expat-owned marketing & web services company in The Netherlands. As a native Romanian, a marketing professional and an expatriate for 5 years before getting the Dutch citizenship, I know the struggles of reaching the right people in a foreign country first-hand.

Expats and professional immigrants are highly educated foreign employees brought to the Netherlands or Belgium by international companies. They can reside here or return at the end of their contract. However, there is a large number of foreign professionals who relocate with the drive to create their own business.

Consider the following scenario:

When a new person moves to a new country, they have many needs to meet. Everything from finding a house, education, a nanny, the best restaurant in town, medical care, the best coffee place and so on. As target audiences, they are a blank canvas for commercial intent. They don’t yet know the local market while having exactly the same needs as the local audience.

In addition, many people are not yet able to understand the local language. Which is why addressing them in their native language is a differentiator.

Traditional media channels will not reach this audience. But with years of expertise in international marketing, the diversity of cultures and approaches, Danatica will.

Acculturation and marketing:

After people immigrate, they consciously and subconsciously modify aspects of their identity in response to the host culture. We, as marketers, have observed changes in these attitudes, lifestyles, and values, language and accents, and purchase and usage behavioral changes. And therefore have to address our strategies in order to meet these new social and economical factors.

Expat marketing solutions

Multilingual approach

We can guarantee your audience will find your services online, in your desired languages.

Website optimization

Create an online environment to showcase your business services and values.

Paid advertising

Creating online campaigns that target exactly the right people.

How does it work?

Find our more about the process of digital marketing for expatriates.