Top 10 video games couples can play together

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Video games couples enjoy are becoming more common as games are shifting towards social play and co-op. Gaming is another fun activity that can be done in 2, be it co-op or competition.

Sure you might know that person head to toe but you never really get to know someone until you’ve accidentally pushed him into a pit of lava. Let’s take a look at some of the best games to play with your girlfriend or boyfriend:

Number 10: Mario Party (Nintendo Wii and other Nintendo consoles)

For those interested in minigames.

Wario competing with Mario and friends to grab the golden star.

Don’t let the smiles fool you, whoever grabs hold of the desirable star will turn into a walking target.

This romantic game time is both a hoot and a recipe for a breakup. The game is stuffed with minigames that let you see who is fastest and strongest. Test your partner’s sportsmanship at the finale where suddenly sheer dumb luck decides whoever gets to do the dishes.

Number 9: Borderlands 2 (PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3, Vita)

For a badass duo looking to shoot stuff.

Couples will enjoy playing Borderlands 2 together.

Just be careful not to shoot eachother in the face.

A lot of gamers find it difficult to introduce their partners to games, let alone shooters. However this is a fun shooter with interesting classes and enemies, a unique art style, plus a good sense of humor. The excellent loot system has randomized weapons that you can give to one another.

Number 8: Amnesia: The Dark Descent (singleplayer: PC)

For couples who are into scary movies. 

Couples will need to bring a pillow to cover their eyes when playing Amnesia.

Looks like this guy is lefthanded.

Unlike some of the cuter games of this list, this is a survival horror game with some puzzle elements. Perhaps it’s a little cliché to expect cuddles and kisses after monsters appear, but results cannot be argued with.

Number 7: Scribblenauts (Unlimited / Unmasked) (PC, Mac, Nintendo DS, Wii U)

For getting to see your partners imagination in action.

Penguins tied to balloons, because why not?

If you can imagine it, you can write it, the game will do the rest.

The Scribblenauts series work wonders for imaginative couples. Write almost anything you can think of and it will pop up in the game, including all the needed materials for a romantic candlelit dinner. The game calls for a lot of ewws and awws.  Your partner’s brain may turn out to be even more beautiful than you thought.

Number 6: Minecraft (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

For a creative ride together.

This doesn't have to be a singleplayer video game, couples too can let their creativity flourish in Minecraft.

A whole bunch of cubes representing a village in the middle of nature.

Perhaps not what you’d expect to see on a list like this, nonetheless this is a game worth a shot. You and your partner can build a crude version of your dream home or pretend to be cave explorers together, assuming the amateuristic graphics don’t prevent immersion into the open world of Minecraft.

Number 5: The Lego game series (PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4)

For those looking to play with Lego. 

Iron Man, Spiderman, Wolverine, Thor, all ready for action in the world of Lego.

Wolverine finally looks cute.

Whatever fantasy world you two fancy, it’s already been “legofied” into a fun cooperative game. Anything from Marvel Super Heroes, Batman to Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter has been transformed into a Lego world. You will learn a new meaning of needing your loved one as puzzles are designed for specific abilities. The co-op works especially well in the later installments where the screen splits into two when you get too far away from each other.

Number 4: Mario Kart (Wii U, and any Nintendo console, really)

For lovebirds into go-karting.

Princess Peach leading the crew of Nintendo characters.

Go-karting combined with weaponized turtle shells and banana peels.

Not sure what game to pick on a couple’s night? Go for Mario Kart, the go-karting game designed especially for multiplayer. Choose from a wide array of Nintendo characters and enjoy shooting turtle shells at each other in beautifully designed race tracks.

Number 3: A MMORPG game (PC, mostly)

For an experienced pair wanting to become heroes.

Devotion equals rewards in MMORPG's.

Dangerous looking players in The Elder Scrolls Online.

For heroic couples there’s the game genre that requires dedication. Explore, communicate, and battle together, even savings eachothers lives. World of Warcraft, the most famous of the game genre, has partially become famous for couples finding each other in the land of Azeroth.

Number 2: Portal 2 (PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3)

For a match seeking to solve puzzles.

Bonding in Portal 2, as if this video game is designed for couples.

The cute little robots designed specifically for one purpose: TESTING! Also hugging.

This is co-op for brainy couples. If the singleplayer campaign wasn’t difficult enough on its own, co-op offers the possibility to combine brainpower and overcome the ingenious puzzles as a team. Be warned that this video game isn’t just a series of tests, it’s a true relationship testing device.

Number 1: LittleBigPlanet 2 (PS3)

For an energetic twosome.

Can't blame the sackbots for loving this little sackthing.

That’s right sackboy, you’re the center of affection.

Design your own adorable ‘sackboy’ or ‘sackgirl’ and travel through the millions of user created levels together without needing to first go through tutorials on how to play. LBP2 is fun, fast-paced, and forgiving; If one of your little ‘sackthings’ dies they simple respawn at the last or next checkpoint so you’re never alone for too long. Did I mention the grappling hook that lets you swing around the levels, and ‘accidentally’ grab onto your partner? It’s easy to sabotage eachothers jumps and have a good laugh or a (in-game) slap in the face.

A few other great video games for couples:

Super Mario 3D World – Solid platforming gameplay.
Team Fortress 2 – A shooter without a price tag.
Castle Crashers – Play as cute knights beating up everything.