Reverse gender cosplay – Heroes and heroines

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Ah, the world of reverse gender cosplay… where ordinary people turn into extraordinary heroes and villains of the opposite gender. Cosplay is short for ‘costume and play’, a growing phenomenon thanks to social media. The word cosplay was conceived in 1983 where Nobuyuki Takahashi was impressed by fans wearing costumes at the 1983 World Science Fiction Convention.

People who don’t want to end up with a poor recreation of your favorite characters should be prepared to spend money or skill and time. This is why the quality of costumes varies from basic barely recognizable clothing to astonishing outfits worth hundreds of dollars. Not to mention the fact that it takes a little courage to walk around dressed as your favorite (or look-a-like) hero, even while masked. And with reverse gender cosplay (also known as gender-bender cosplay) a little creativity comes into play.

Be warned that this gallery is slightly nsfw.

Bilbo Baggins – The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings

Very professional reverse gender cosplay of characters in the Hobbit movies.

Be sure to click the image for the rest of the cast.

Loki – Thor, Marvel Comics

Genderbender Loki cosplay.

Loki is looking more villainous than ever.

Deadpool – Marvel Comics

Reverse gender cosplay of Deadpool.

A suicidal mercenary who cannot die is already an interesting idea on its own.

Scorpion – Mortal Kombat

Even the eyes are correct in this reverse gender cosplay of Scorpion.

Hey there, what’s your sign? Is it scorpio?

Pyramid Head – Silent Hill

A girl dressed as Pyramid head of the Silent Hill game series.

Looking dashing, or should I say slashing?

Majin Buu – Dragonball Z

Reverse gender cosplay of Majin Buu.

Kawaii Buu.

Two-Face – Batman

Genderbent Two-Face.

This is what I meant with “creativity comes into play”.

Morrigan – Dragon Age

Courage is required for people to cosplay, especially when going for the opposite gender.

A rarely spotted male gender-bend cosplayer.

Ash & Misty – Pokémon

Are you even trying, Pikachu?

My, what big leghairs you have, Misty!

Disney Princesses

Cosplay doesn't get more reverse than this.

Disney princesses with more facial hair than needed.

In anime the genders have often been a little blurry, with lots of male characters appearing to be very feminine. Take Deidara of the Naruto series being mistaken for a girl, or James of Team Rocket looking very similar to Jessie. All these cosplayers simply took it one step further, while showing love for their passion.