Android Netrunner DIY playmats + free download

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Playmats are something I am not willing to invest in, unless it’s necesary. So I decided to make Android Netrunner DIY playmats that I am giving out as a free download. These playmats are not licensed and I recommend you buy the game, especially if you’re into Phillip K. Dick’s Blade Runner. The playmats serve the corp and the runner, each with it’s own different play areas.

Boardgames are making a serious comeback as the rules of social time with friends. The recent addition to our little boardgame collection is Android Netrunner, a card game for 2 players made the ever so great Fantasy Flight. In Netrunner you play either as a cybercriminal hacker or a megacorp. The game keeps us interested, flaws and all.

A starting player might be overwhelmed by the cards to keep track of. In Android Netrunner this is especially tough since the various stacks of cards each have different names. Take for example the runners play area where ‘the stack’ is the players draw pile, and ‘the heap’ is where discarded cards go. This is where the playmat comes in. A playmat is a little tool to ease the difficulty of games by placing the right cards in the right place. Obviously you can buy them for hard earned cash OR you can download them here for free. All you need to do is hit the download link, print these babies out and enjoy the game.

[download id=”251″]

The playmat for the runner contains the Heap, Stack, Click Tracker, ID and Score Area. On the side you’ll see the Resources, Hardware and the Programs.

The Runner playmat

The Runner playmat






















And here’s the Corp playmat with the Remote servers, the ID, the R&D, the Archives, the Click Tracker, the Actions and the Score Area.

netrunner corp playmat free download

Netrunner Corp Playmat